Vulnerability & Leadership

Vulnerability & Leadership

Everyone would think of vulnerability as being weak. And the hardest things for a leader is to show or demonstrates their vulnerability.

People tends to think that by being vulnerable is a bad thing. It implies that you are weak and defenceless. Many times, people hide behind their mask to portray their power and control.

However, great leaders embrace and recognise the importance of vulnerability at work. It fosters a great level of trust and respect within the team members you work with. And strengthen the foundation for openness and non judgemental communications.

Bold leaders would demonstrate vulnerability and tie his team together, bringing success to the organization. It is as simple as letting your guard down and being yourself. Ego does not help. Instead, always be ready to wholeheartedly embrace the different perspectives and opinions of his or her people within the team.

Here are three key points to embrace vulnerability:

  • Change your view and mindset on vulnerability
    Leaders are constantly pressured to perform at their peak. They are the ones expected to develop ideas to execute the vision and take on the toughest of all decisions. Bold leaders take another route by listening to all perspective and embracing people’s ideas. Taking the first step to changing the mindset of directing to active listening.
  • Accepting that vulnerability as a strength and not a weakness
    Being vulnerable is actually not a bad thing. It doesn’t make you any weaker but in fact, a better leader. By showing the true authentic self, you accept vulnerability as a strength. With whatever skills you might have or might not have, your team is always there to assist.
  • Practice vulnerability
    Showing vulnerability is not an easy task. It takes practice to being vulnerable. We are so used to the daily way of working to impress others through words and actions. Constant active listening is one key skill of leadership. Focusing on conversation results in being able to better motivate people to develop great creative ideas and bringing it to life.

Constant reminder that it’s not about you but the people around you. Being vulnerable requires the mindset shift of acceptance and you will start to see the aspiration and innovation of the business through the eyes of the people you lead.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” – Brené Brown

Frank Kuijsters

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