Vitality while working hard: a case study

Vitality while working hard: a case study

The way our work affects our health and vitality has changed a lot. Where before your physical health was, if you’re lucky, worried for. Today there’s much more at stake if you want to stay healthy. Social studies have defined that to be vital & healthy at work, you have to take care of your physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual health. We moved up in the Maslow pyramid and worry about broader topics then just providing enough food and arranging a warm bed for the night.

So how can you stay vital, in this hectic work-life we’re all sucked in to? We often coach people when they already struggling with keeping their vitality up, but also preventive to help them to keep vital. We coached a financial advisor who worked as an entrepreneur for a few global companies in Amsterdam. She was the bread-winner in the family and had two teenage daughters at home already eyeballing what study they would choose. The financial advisor was struggling keeping her energy levels up, and often felt tired and fatigue all during the weekend. Her personal life was starting to complain about her presence or lack of.

So we:

  • Helped her research what her core-values where, and how they compared with how she arranged her life at the moment.
  • Looked at all her energy-givers, but also her energy-takers. Over time she ignored too many situations that cost her energy when she received nothing back.
  • Used the 360-feedback tool to get a better grip on her strengths and challenges, and how the world around her perceived them.
  • Formulated an action plan for three months based on the outcome of the first three steps. When the action plan was finalized we had regular coaching sessions to evaluate her actions, the outcome and possible adjustments to the action plan.

We did the most work at the start of the coaching. When we finalized the action plan she already felt new energy and ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. It helped her gain focus and grip how to find her vitality back.

After three months she felt she was in better control of her energy and motivation. After 5 months we redid the 360-feedback tool to measure if her surroundings agreed on her perceived improvements. Unanimously everybody agreed on her progress.

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