Tangible tips to help create a sustainable employable workforce

Tangible tips to help create a sustainable employable workforce

Companies have a changing role and responsibility to their employees. The old paternalistic role where you ‘take care’ of your employees has changed to a more facilitating and inspiring responsibility. Managers are not all-powerful but are focusing on making sure their teams can perform at their absolute best. One focus should be making sure people are able to work all their careers in a healthy environment; sustainable employability.


In many countries, people have to work longer and in different roles than ever before. How do you make sure your current (and future) workforce is capable of doing so? Having a strategic sustainable employability plan helps focusing on their vitality, employability and productivity. All mayor HR topics which should be at the core of strategic decision making. 


So, what can you do to make sure your employees are sustainable employable? We’ll give 4 tangible tips to help you create a sustainable employable workforce:


Invest in learning & development. 

Learning should never be just a treat to employees. It’s an investment in both their employability and productivity. It helps employees feel relevant, evolve in new roles and make sure they find challenges where they can grow in. 


Talk to your employees.

It all really starts with a good conversation. Sustainable employability is never a one size fits all. It’s both important to understand what they need to be healthy and productive, but also to make sure you take the responsibility to be sustainable employable.


Facilitate a health check.

A yearly health check can help create self-awareness and prevent problems. Things like neck & shoulder problems or other stress related problems are often present for a long time before noticed. 


Let people brainstorm with you.

The responsibility for the physical, mental & emotional health lies obviously with the person itself. You as a manager or the company has the responsibility to create the opportunity to stay healthy and create a safe work environment. To do so we have to listen to employees, trust them and give them the responsibility. 



Sustainable employability will be our focus for decades to come. And because it’s intertwined with core HR topics it should be a part of all HR related topics. We discuss sustainable employability with both HR departments and managers around the globe. Want to know more how we can help you making sure your employees are sustainable employable? Contact us for a chat.



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