Tailor-made Program: Personalized Goal Setting

Tailor-made Program: Personalized Goal Setting

Everybody knows that setting intentions and formulating clear goals will help most people reach great heights, both personally and professionally. But what do you do if setting clear goals gives you extra stress, and slows you down instead of giving you energy and structure in reaching those goals?

In a governmental organization, we got the question to help a senior specialist with that problem. This very experienced, highly educated professional had a stressful job where he noticed that when he set clear SMART goals it tends to slow him down, and create even more pressure. He was best when he didn’t worry about the end result. We know that not everybody reacts the same way to goal setting.

In professional sports a coach will always look for the best way to stimulate his or her pupil. Some people react best to firm strict rules and goals, some prefer total freedom and joy to reach great achievements. It’s not about good or bad, but about what is best for you!

With this senior specialist, we helped him understand what worked best for him. We developed a test where he could raise is self-awareness about his preferred method of goal setting. Together we worked out what that meant for his way of working, for his planning habits and how he could use that to raise his productivity and lower his stress.We also formed a clear overview what this meant for his stakeholders, and how he should approach them.

In the end, this significantly lowered his feeling of stress, and helped him enjoy the exact same work a lot better.

Want to know more about what form of goal setting and intention setting works best for you, ……


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