Sustainable Employability

Sustainable Employability

The aging population around the globe is making us look differently at employability. We have to work longer, stay longer relevant and fit to make sure we have a job until our retirement. That responsibility lies foremost by ourself. But companies have their own urgency to make sure their employees are healthy, mentally capable of excelling in their job and creating a positive work atmosphere. 


As an individual, you should continuously focus on your physical health. If you’ll have to work till your 70s, you’ll want to be capable to work with passion and energy, but also make sure you’re still healthy after that. For your mental health, it’s important to make sure that you keep learning your whole career long. It keeps you relevant in companies and on the job market, but also ensures you’ll keep training your brain to stay active.


And we have our emotional health to take care of. If we do have to work that long, we better make sure we do it with pleasure in a positive environment. If we hate what we do, it’s no rocket science to understand that’s not a healthy future. 


Digne Consult compare these three focus points with 3 batteries; physical, mental and emotional. Our physical, mental and emotional batteries are all connected. This means that if for example our batteries are running low on one, the others are affected as well. That’s why for example we can feel physically sick (our physical battery) after a breakup or a death from a beloved person (our emotional battery). 


For us, it’s important to understand how we can recharge those batteries and maintain them. If we ignore them for too long, our general health will decrease, our productivity decline and our employability fade. This shows with people with burn-outs, they have often ignored 1 or more batteries for a long time. Making sure we are sustainable employable is a continues focus for all ages.



Senior Trainer – Consultant

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