Sustainable employability: a case study

Sustainable employability: a case study

Most people are getting more aware of their own sustainable employability. We know that we have to work longer than ever and are responsible for our own career. The time that you stayed 40+ years with one company are mostly over, for better and for worse. So how do we make sure we stay healthy, relevant and productive?

We help companies, teams and individuals with these questions. Today, I want to share with you a coaching we did with a group of young professionals. All highly educated & motivated sales representatives at a financial software company. This was a sales driven company with the head office based in Canada. Their culture was fast, hard and very much result driven. It attracted young high potentials looking for fast careers and direct growth. The team was all in their mid 20’s. The company asked us to guide the sales team because of the very high turnover of the team, and the many absentees due to sickness.

So we: 

·      Developed a sustainable employability program connected to the core values of the company.

·     Used one of our vitality partners to create a health check for all team-members. We made sure the results were personally delivered.

·     Coached the manager & HR how to discuss the results, and create an personal action-plan for the sales representatives. The team-members were the owner of the results of the health check. Together with the coach they decided what and how they would discuss them with the manager.

·     Coached all team-members based on the results of the check, and the outcome of the action plan. Depending the outcome all team-members had between 2 and 7 coaching sessions in about 10 months.

·     Delivered training to the whole team on the top 3 priorities of the team. Each team-member could attend 2 of their preferred topics. 

·     Did the health check a year later, and compared the turnover & absentee numbers of last year with this year. 

The turnover rate of the sales team dropped with 35%, and especially the long absentee numbers drastically declined. Based on the results, we’re now helping to translate this program for the whole Dutch office. Want to know more about coaching and sustainable employability, contact us for an informal chat.



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