Striking Balance In Work-Life

Striking Balance In Work-Life
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We have 24 hours each day. Each day, we need to allocate time for work, sleep and our personal lives. Since we need 7 hours of sleep, there’s basically only 17 hours left for work and personal time. How do we balance between work-life? Putting your time into a right balance will create a healthy environment for both your body and mind.

Planning ahead

There will be days that work pours in with urgent deadlines. As much as possible, plan your work and personal time ahead. By planning, I don’t mean planning by the year! Just simple planning of what you would like to achieve this week or the month will do. This would also help you to map out your timeline so you know if you need to make adjustments to fit your plans into your schedule.


You don’t put your chocolate mousse together with your grilled salmon, and the reason is you won’t enjoy them as much when they get mixed up! Same goes for your work and personal time. Compartmentalize work and personal time so that they don’t spill into each other. When it’s time to work you focus on what it takes to reach the results you target. When you are out of the office, don’t bring the stress out so that you can get the best of your rest and personal life.

Review how time is spent

Have you been roped into meetings that are not relevant? Travelling many miles for several errands unnecessarily? Have regular check on how well you are spending your time. You may not have realised how little bits of time adds up. Scrap irrelevant meetings at work or have productive discussions that would get work done efficiently. Arrange your errands so that you can cut back on unnecessary travels.



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