Setting Intentions For The New Year

Setting Intentions For The New Year

We understand the value and necessity to set goals, but how many of us do set intentions? So, what’s the difference between setting goals and setting intentions? Goal setting helps us to plan for our future. And understand what we want by creating a plan to achieve it. We always set clear and well defined goals that are attainable within a time frame.

Setting intentions allows you to focus on who you are in the present moment and live your value. They helps to raise emotional energy which in turn raises your physical energy. Intentions give you life purpose. It also give you the inspiration and motivation to achieve your purpose. Setting intention is a simple yet powerful way to achieve success and happiness. There are no hard or fast rule around setting intention.

Here are some guidelines to help you start for the new year:

  • Intentions have no limits
    It can be as simple as “to make someone smile today” or “to love unconditionally”. Always keeps the intention on a positive tone.
  • Setting Intentions can make you more effective
    You can start by setting intentions to be more productive. However, it’s more effective to set intentions to open your mind to the thinking that will result in higher productivity.
  • Setting Intentions open up your eyes
    We always go through the day absorbed in our work that we don’t notice much about what’s going on around us. Start observing the little wonders surrounding you can shift your perspective. Set intentions of being more aware of the beautiful surrounding and not to get lost in your work.
  • Keeping accountable for your intentions
    Always keep track of your intentions. It’s important to remind yourself of the intentions daily and weekly. A couple of simple intentions can help you start to feel more connected.

Everyone may share a common intention. But it’s interesting to see how this may manifests for different individual. Take this moment to start setting your intentions. Turn your world around for the new year and feel the happiness evolve!


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