Resilience: a case study

Resilience: a case study

Most jobs nowadays give us periodic peaks of extra work and stress. For some people, it’s a few times a year, for example at the end or beginning of the year. But for every job it can be different and less or more often. So how can we make sure we can endure those times? Can we ‘train’ ourselves to be able to withstand extra tasks, pressure & stress?

Lucky enough we can. When you look at our physical, mental and emotional health we are able to make sure that we are in top condition to deliver peak performance when needed.

We received a coaching question from a newly hired sales manager at an international construction company. In his new role he encountered bigger work peaks and more traveling abroad compared to his old role. He wanted to enhance his resilience to keep delivering top work at high pressure.

So we:

  • Helped him understand how his own physical, mental and emotional health effected his abilities to withstand extra work & stress.
  • Created a personal action plan to make sure that he was in ‘Olympic’ health when needed. We helped him understand how he could enhance his resilience on his physical, mental & emotional health.
  • Coached him during two peaks of work during the end of 2017. During that time, we helped him maintain is resilience and evaluate what worked, and what could work even better in the future.

Although he was facing some tough challenges with lots of travel and lots of tasks to be finished, the end result was according to his wishes and he reached his KPI’s for 2017. Early 2018 we evaluated his program and he gave the end result a 9. From his point of view his resilience to work peaks has increased greatly and he felt confident that he could use his personal action plan for future challenging times.

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