Quiz: Is your workplace respectable and inclusive?

Quiz: Is your workplace respectable and inclusive?
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Is your workplace respectable? Are you feeling excluded? In a respected and inclusive workplace, daily behaviors reflect consideration for others and cultural diversity is valued.  Try this simple quick quiz to check if your workplace is respectable and inclusive. Or is there room for improvement?

Which statements apply to your current workplace environment?

1.  Employees feel valued and respected.

2.  There is diversity in my workplace.

3.  People are willing to help out whenever they are needed.

4.  Everyone is highly productive and focused on getting the job done.

5.  Everyone is friendly and accepting of individual and cultural differences.

6.  The management is approachable for you to get help and guidance.

7.  All job promotion opportunity are fair and consistent.

8.  There is inclusion or cultural awareness training provided.

9. There are workplace respect and inclusion policies in our company.

10. I am comfortable reporting any unacceptable behavior or discrimination.


If you have ‘yes’ for more than 5 statements, you have a respectful and inclusive workplace. Your company has taken care to make sure every employee is respected.

If you struck ‘yes’ for less than 5 statements, there is probably more room for improvement. You need to take a step back to identify the areas to improve your workplace culture.


A respectful workplace is one where employees feel safe and believe that they are treated fairly.  Most important of all, a healthy work place environment enable the employee to focus on getting their job done and build a strong team.


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