Quiz: What’s your energy like throughout the day?

Quiz: What’s your energy like throughout the day?

How tired are you? Are you losing concentration at work? Is your moods seem to go up and down? Try this simple quick quiz to work out if your energy level at work is fast depleting or you are doing just fine.

Which statements apply to your current work-life situation?

1.  Do you have trouble getting up in the morning?

2.  Do you rely on a cup of coffee to get you up and going in the morning?

3.  Do you feel tired all the time?

4.  Do you have trouble concentrating at work?

5.  Do you drag your feet to work?

6.  Do you use caffeinated or carbonated drinks as a pick me-up throughout the day?

7.  Are you often irritable or angry for no apparent reason?

8.  Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

9.  Do you find yourself operating from crisis to crisis?

10. Are you falling sick more often?


If you have ‘yes’ for less than 5 statements, you are doing fine. We all have our moments in which we feel a little down and in need of a pick me up. Try having small breaks away from those moments and you’ll find yourself more refreshed.

If you struck ‘yes’ for more than 5 statements, you need to take a step back to understand what’s happening to your body. Start making healthier choices on your “energy” boosters as over dependence on stimulants to keep you going will affect both your mental and physical health.


Keeping a healthy physical and mental lifestyle should be equally important to boast your energy and reduce stress! Always be mindful of what your body tells you and do not ignore signs of negative energy depletion.

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