Quiz: Are You Mentally Strong?

Quiz: Are You Mentally Strong?

Are you mentally strong? Are you calm when under pressure? Do you have what it takes to be mentally tough? Try this simple quick quiz to check if you are mentally strong? Or is there areas and room for improvement?

Which statements apply to you?

1. You can overcome obstacles placed in your way.

2. You remain in control despite unexpected, uncontrollable events.

3.  You push yourself beyond your abilities. and boundary.

4.  You cope effectively with adversity.

5.  You stay calm under pressure and stress.

6.  You are not distracted by personal events.

7.  You maintain focus and thrive on pressure.

8.  You are surrounded by positive thinking people.

9. You say No when you have to.

10. You have the belief in your ability to achieve your goals.


If you have ‘yes’ for more than 5 statements, you are strong in your inner strength. You have ample strength and stamina to deal with challenges. Keep it going and eventually it will become your true brand identity.

If you struck ‘yes’ for less than 5 statements, there is probably more skills and areas to improve on your mental strength. You need to identify what’s your natural strength and enhance them further.


Being mentally strong is one of the main trait about your behaviors and interactions. Building your characteristics further enhance the true strength in you. Most important of all, keeping the synergy between your mental and physical strength creates the balance and stamina in your daily life.


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