Quiz: how proficient are you in setting intentions

Quiz: how proficient are you in setting intentions
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You may be proficient in setting goals for yourself and your team. However, intention-setting is more complex and involves much more holistic aspects of your life, personality and ideals! How do you know if the intentions set are good? Take this small quiz and find out!

Place a ‘tick’ next to the statement that best describes you:

  1. I am genuine to myself; I know my flaws and my strengths.
  2. I am clear and conscious with my values as well as those of my organization’s.
  3. I make sure to get acceptance from my team to recognize that our intentions are acceptable to everyone.
  4. The intentions I set motivate me and my team members.
  5. I frequently consult my team members or manager about the intentions I want to set.
  6. I write down my intentions and constantly refer to it.
  7. My intentions are challenging enough.
  8. I am conscious of my intentions and let it guide my action and behaviour.
  9. I am aware that my intention is not perfect and I am not afraid to refine it if I need to.
  10. My intention is clear and easy to understand.

If you scored above 8, you know how to set good intentions! Look out for the points that you have missed out and work at it!

If you have scored below 7, your intentions need to be refined. Think about what you missed out and see if you can incorporate it into whatever you have. Being more conscious about your intentions will bring you a long way! Do not be afraid to ask your colleague or their manager for their thoughts and input.


We hope that with this quiz you are better able to set great intentions for yourself and your team. Do frequently refer to this list to see what you may have missed and more importantly, remember that the key to making great intentions is to practice making them and incorporating them into every part of your life!

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