Quiz: Knowing your millennials and how to coach them

Quiz: Knowing your millennials and how to coach them
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As more Millennials enter the workforce, organisations are observing increased generational diversity. Within the next five years, it is expected that Millennials will make up one-half of the workforce. By comparison, those of Baby Boomers and Generation X will only represent only 16 percent of today’s workforce as many begin to retire.

Managers may find the greater diversity a struggle as they juggle the management of perhaps three or four generations at the same time. What might make baby boomers or Generation X happy might not appeal to Millennials – and vice versa. Think you know the trick to managing generations? Here’s a quiz for you to test your knowledge of managing Millennials.

Place a tick next to the statement that you find best describes you.

  1. I give employees a “sense of purpose” and show that what they do will make the world or society a better place.
  1. I frequently create engaging conversations, and view them as a working partner instead of a replaceable employee.
  1. I focus on individual career development, rather than one-size-fits-all training.
  1. I allow employee participation and mentor them in their professional development.
  2. I promote purposeful questioning and explain processes to them.
  3. I promote an autonomous, collaborative work environment.
  4. I accommodate flexibility in how work gets done.
  5. I allow employees to take own responsibility of their work
  6. I engage employees on a frequent basis.
  7. I am comfortable in knowing that they have a lot to learn from me, and I am not afraid to ask them what I do not know.
  8. I make sure that they really know how to do what I am asking them to do.
  9. I give them feedback on a daily basis.
  10. I encourage work-life balance for all my employees by focusing on work-efficiency.
  11. I embrace networked discussions as a suitable substitute for face-to-face meetings.

If you find that most 10 or more of these statements are applicable to you or your organisation, congratulations! You are millennial-savvy and understand them. As for the other points you missed, do consider them as you and your organisation need to adapt to a workplace that is dominated more by millennials.

Want to continue to learn more about managing multi-generational employees or want to receive the research we did on the Multi-Generation workforce? Drop us an email at info@digneconsult.com or info@digneconsult.com.sg!

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