Quiz: do you celebrate enough?

Quiz: do you celebrate enough?
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It will be crazy to celebrate every little event in our lives but do you celebrate enough? When is it you should have a party to show everyone your milestone? Do you overdo it with the celebrations? Our quiz will guide you to your answer.

Place a tick next to the statement that most applies to you: 

1.  I always reply with congratulations whenever I receive emails of other’s success.

2.  I arrange monthly birthday celebrations for my colleagues born in the month.

3.  I make effort to join celebrations of other’s milestones.

4.  I arrange for the team to enjoy a nice meal together as part of celebration our team’s success.

5.  I buy gifts for my team to show my appreciate for the great work achieved.

6.  I bring my team out for lunch every week to show them my appreciation.

7.  I write thank-you notes for those in the team celebrating work anniversaries.

8.  I showcase the success stories of the team to the rest of the organisation.

9.  I thank those who contributed when my milestone is celebrated by the company.

10. I give credit to myself when my milestone is reached.


If your answer is ‘yes’ for 4 or less statements, you need to work on those celebrations that you deserve or your team deserves! Always remember celebration helps to realise your value and other’s of the same and motivates to strive for the next milestone.

If you struck ‘yes’ for 5 to 7 statements, you are balancing the act of celebrations. Too little and too much is never a good thing. Keep up the balance as you’re moving in the right direction in empowering with celebrations!

For those with ‘yes’ to more than 7 statements, you are probably overdoing the celebrations! You need to clearly identify the goals that need to be attained before you start celebrating.

In conclusion

This quiz sets out to help you better understand whether you are giving enough credit to yourself and others around you. I hope you know now life is not just about meeting your goals but also to celebrate them!

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