Quiz: Are you more comfortable leading or managing?

Quiz: Are you more comfortable leading or managing?

Are you more comfortable leading or managing? Do you set direction and develop the vision? Or do you plan and set deadlines? Try this simple quick quiz to find out if you a leader or a manager.

Which statements apply to you?

A. Ask what and why
B. Ask how and when

A. Create ideas and innovate
B. Control and administer

A. Establish and live values
B. Focus on bottom line

A. Focus on long term
B. Focus on short term

A. Involve
B. Solve problems

A. Set direction
B. Focus on task

A. Participate
B. Delegate

A. Encourage experimentation
B. Give direction


If you have ‘A’ for most of the statements, you are a leader. You help yourself and others to do the right things. You set direction with an inspiring vision, and create something new. You motivate and lead your team to achieving the goals.

If you struck ‘B’ for most of the statements, you are a manager. Managers are the people to whom the management task is assigned. You achieve the desired goals through the key functions of planning and budgeting, organizing, problem solving, directing and controlling.


Leaders and Managers: Are they different? A leader is flexible, innovative, inspiring and independent whilst a manager is analytical, authoritative and stabilizing. Some define management as an art, others as a science. It doesn’t really matter. Most important is that management is a process that is used to achieve what the organization wants to achieve. Therefore, there is no good or bad to having more leaders or managers in an organization. In fact, a well balanced organization should have a mix of both leaders and managers.


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