Positive energy in the workplace

Positive energy in the workplace
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We spent much of our day in the workplace and so it’s very important to have good energy in the work environment. Positive energy will make each day more enjoyable and at the same time increase our efficiency and level of innovation. As a manager, you could help the team facilitate the flow of positive energy in their work space.

Create an open communication platform

Establish a space where all communications can be respected. Correct amount of empathy should be available in this space so all comments can be heard without any judgement. Let the team feel safe to put up their opinions of what matters to them in the work space and provide the necessary support to help them achieve that. The platform can also help to build the bond within the team.

Regular catch up

Sometimes as the company changes or grows, the work that started out as a perfect fit for the team no longer fits the team as well. Have regular catch up with members of the team on what drives them and understand their current work situations. This is a good way to check the happiness index of the team.

Review work fit

Having understood your team’s ambitions and expertise, review the tasks within the team and analyse how they can be allocated the tasks that fit them best. It will be a good time to check if they would need any skills upgrade to attain their ambitions should there be a misfit in the roles and skills. You will be surprised how job rotations within a team can sometimes optimise the talents within the team!

Team building

To hype up the energy within the team, it will be great to have regular team building sessions. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Take the opportunity to let the team understand one and another better outside of work. This interpersonal bonding will bring the team closer and increase the collaborative spirit.


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