What can I do personally to make 2018 a great success!

What can I do personally to make 2018 a great success!

As the year begins, we start over again.

And every year, you’re presented with the same opportunity to change your life for the better. You start thinking and self reflecting about your goals and personal development. While you’re taking the time to reflect on how last year went, look ahead to the goals for this year.

So if you really want to make 2018 a great success and your best year ever, where do you start? And what should you do? Here are some guidelines to help you start:

  • Craft a vision
    The first step is to be clear on what is important to you.  This is all about what you want to accomplish, what you want in life and where you want to go. Take time to craft the vision because it will motivate you and maintain your action.
  • Be clear on what and why you want it
    Be really clear about why you want what you want. This is critical because it can help you identify the beauty and flaws in your vision.
  • Take a personal development course
    Upgrade yourself. Take a personal development course. Learning are markers of growth. Whether it’s on personal effectiveness, communication, leadership, time management or something else, taking a course is a catalyst for growth.
  • Remember to be SMART
    Your goals need to be SMART.
    Specific – Be clear and specific on what you want to achieve and what you need to improve.
    Measurable – Being able to access your progress helps you to stayed focus. It’s important to have measurable goals so that you can stay motivated.
    Achievable – Your goals need to be attainable. If you can’t achieve them then they’re not realistic. They are  your dreams, not goals.
    Relevant – Be sure your goal is relevant and matters to you. And it’s important that you have control over them.
    Timely – Be specific on when you want to complete your goal. ‘Next month’ or ‘somewhere in the future’ is not good enough. Set up a time frame and follow through.
  • Listen to what your heart feels and tells you
    We change, people change. And things alway turn out different than what we imagined they would. When this happens, you need to be able to listen to your heart tells you. To make the right decision for your future.

Take a weekend out of your routine schedule to think about what it is you want to accomplish over the next year and beyond. This is all about figuring out what and how you want the coming year to be.

Or…you could change a new direction and start something new.


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