Personal development 2018: a case study

Personal development 2018: a case study

In many areas the growing economy is starting to show the challenges that come with it; finding and keeping great talent. And personal growth is a huge factor of young professionals to join a company and stay there. For many companies that’s one of the main challenges 2018 will bring. So how do you make sure young, and established professionals find the possibilities of personal growth & development in your company? And how do you change the old Learning & Development way of thinking into a personalized, tailor made development program?

A fast-growing IT company was facing that challenge. Until now their L&D initiatives where very much top-down orientated. They find it increasingly hard to attract new talent, but especially to keep them longer then 1 – 2 years. So we:

  • Developed together with the board and HR a new vision of what L&D is, and what their goals are. Important topics we included in that vision are:
    – Personalized learning
    – Learning on the job
    – Micro-learning (i.a. short video’s)
  • Changed the approach from a pipeline of career opportunities, to a tailor-made program aimed on what’s needed and wanted now. (instead on what’s needed in 5 years from that person)
  • Train the trainer with HR, and with the management team. Aimed on providing them with the skills to facilitate the personal development in their teams.

As with every change management process, the company had some front-runners embracing this change and others who needed some more time. With a strategic communication plan and personal coaching for both HR and the MT we helped the leaders of the company accepting this change, and ready to do the same with their own teams.

Although the change process hasn’t fully ended yet, the feedback from the teams is overwhelmingly positive. People felt that this new approach on personal development is needed to keep the company competitive and attract new talent to face new challenges.


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