Overcoming insecurity and resistance to change

Overcoming insecurity and resistance to change
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In today’s ever-changing business climate, the only thing that ever remains constant is changes in how people work together, how people need to adapt to the demands of the economy and how people need to constantly improve themselves. Even more so, these changes often occur so suddenly that one is left confused. In this state, it is understandably natural to feel insecure and to resist any further changes until one has fully grasped one’s situation. In line with all our previous months’ themes, we will address the issue of overcoming insecurity and resistance to change, and seek to help you better understand how you feel and how you should go about doing so.

Feeling that you are inadequate

With change happening so fast around you, feeling that you are not as capable or inadequate as your peers is one of the most common insecurities. This feeling can stem from constantly asking questions and guidance on how to go about in adapting to workplace changes.

Here, you need to assure yourself that you are doing the right thing as the first step to change is to know what you do not know! Also, it is important to know that while your expertise may be different from others, that may not make it less valuable. Focus on practicing your craft and newfound skill, learn productivity methods. In doing so, you find that you are better able to manage all these changes!

Feeling that you cannot advance

If you feel insecure about being inadequate, there is a good chance that you will also feel that you may not advance in your career. These feelings of envy and jealousy are not only toxic but also hampers your productivity as you will feel compelled to compete against one another on pointless matters.

To break this chain of thought, you must communicate with your manager frequently about their expectations of your role and progression. With this, you can focus more on what you can do to make any changes meaningful and take on new responsibilities that will eventually lead to new opportunities in your company.

Feeling that you do not have enough qualifications

Another source of personal insecurity stems from the feeling that you are not qualified to be in your current position. Most of the time this is a result from the undertaking of new responsibilities thrust upon you that disrupts from your usual routine.

Here, you need to welcome these responsibilities with an open mindset. Instead of viewing them as an additional burden, you need to view them as an opportunity for growth. By being a pioneer in these fields, it means that you have become the assigned subject matter expert with many of your colleagues flocking to you for advice! With that, this means that you should also leverage on these skills by furthering your effort in research and become a thought leader.


We hope that with this article, we have helped you gain a new insight into the three most common insecurities and resistance to change that you as an employee will face in this ever-changing business climate. One rule of thumb is to know that you must welcome these changes and go with the flow. Resisting it is futile and you will only be left behind.

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