New tailor-made program: project startup

New tailor-made program: project startup

Starting this month, we’ll be sharing a new developed tailor-made program in our newsletter. We continuously develop custom made programs for customers regarding their specific situation and needs.

This month we developed a program for a multinational who works mostly project-based. The core business is structured with employees being part of one or more projects at the same time. The company was struggling to fully engage the employees in new projects and let them be productive and effective as soon as possible.

So we developed a project startup program that wasn’t generic, because most employees would follow the program for multiple project teams. We aimed for a process based two-day training program with individual coaching. In this program the goal of the project, the size and shape of the team and the team leader would themselves be responsible for the final agenda of the training. Our trainers would lead the process of the team during the training days and help them develop their own custom-made program. This way we made sure that the program delivered on the specific needs and goals every team had.

The aim was to focus on:

  • Getting to know one another
  • Knowledge of the team qualities, roles and talents
  • Expectations and wishes for the future
  • META-plan: what chances are we aiming for in the future
  • Action planning: who is going to do what and when

Possible topics the team could choose from the second day were:

  • Team values
  • Communication
  • Self-management
  • Planning
  • Personal leadership
  • Time-management
  • Etc.

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