Why do you need a personal brand?

Why do you need a personal brand?
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While brands are most often associated with companies, they are often overlooked in its usefulness when applied to oneself. Today, we often see that only few people have consciously cultivated themselves as a brand. This is very worrisome as every professional must realise that the key to career advancement as well as visibility in the organisation can be significantly affected by their personal brand. This week, we explore how you can build and create your own brand. We will also explain the benefits of a good personal brand and how it will positively impact your career.

Building your personal brand

Understand who you truly are

Developing your personal brand begins with an understanding of who you truly are. For your brand to truly reflect yourself, you need to live by it and make it visible in all your actions to the outside world. If you do not align what others’ perception and your actual brand, your brand does not exist! Think about your beliefs and principles. Think about what you stand for, your strengths, and your weaknesses? You need to be genuine, otherwise people will never trust you or the brand you created for yourself.

Be actively engaged in worthwhile discussions

If you are looking to build your personal brand, you need make yourself visible when you speak. In doing so, you allow others to form a favourable perception of you. Speak from a position of knowledge and skill. Show that you are an expert in your field and answer questions tactfully and confidently in your own style. Do know that while others may disagree with or criticise you, you need to remain open to legitimate feedback and thank them for sharing their views. Doing this helps you build and refine your personal brand.

Never stop learning

No matter how much you think of yourself as an expert, remember that you need to stay relevant in order to stay respected. It pays to invest in a set of new skills and develop deeper or relevant knowledge in your area of expertise. By sharpening your personal brand, you will be seen as a thought leader and a pioneer in your field.

Audit your online presence

Today’s interconnected world means that information is readily available. What does your social media profile say about you? Does it make you look professional? Monitor your activity on social media on a regular basis and keep embarrassing stuff from view!

The benefits of having a personal brand

It boosts your confidence

As your personal brand develops, so will your confidence. This confidence stems from evaluating your strengths and taking comfort in the knowledge that you have many positive qualities to share. Your personal brand highlights your strengths and gives you a purposeful meaning in how you use your talents. Your personal brand also allows you to work on your weaknesses and to overcome them. In knowing the areas you need improvement, you gradually, and sometimes unconsciously, work on them to become a better person.

It builds credibility

Organisations and hiring managers want to know that you are indeed what you claim yourself to be. Credibility begins with speaking of your unique values and then demonstrating that you indeed live by them. A good personal brand helps you in this aspect as others will also readily back up your claim.

It demonstrates your speciality

No one is good in everything. To develop a speciality, you need to know what you know and what you do not know. Everyone has a unique combination of personal characteristics as well as work and life experiences. These create the foundation for determining your niche. What can you do that others cannot? What do you know about more than others? What are you a subject matter expert in? A good personal brand is like a good advertisement – people automatically know what you are good at without yourself explaining your abilities.

It separates you from the crowd

Differentiation is crucial to your personal branding success. Organisations and hiring managers do not have the time to fully compare and to find out who is the better candidate for the job. As such, you need to tell them how you are different from and better than your competitors.

Concluding thoughts

A personal brand is never fixed. It grows with your experiences in life. It also requires consistent effort, dedication to nurture.

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