Learning on the job: a case study

Learning on the job: a case study

Learning has changed dramatically over the past 2 decades. Where before learning was mostly organized, structured and decided by management, now it’s the opposite. Today we have our greatest learning device always with us, and use it all day long. If we want to check a fact, we search databases like Wikipedia. If we want to learn a skill, YouTube has most likely a few million instructions online where you can choose from. Plus we can look for any opinion about anything on fora, blogs or social media. This means that today we expect to learn something on the spot, directly when we need it. Even we as behavior change experts have to deliver our programs in a matter of weeks, companies don’t plan them years ahead anymore. If a team of department has a need, it needs to be filled, as quickly as the agenda’s let us.

So what does that mean for an L&D department, or anyone concerned with learning questions in the company?

We helped an L&D department of a postal company in the Netherlands we have been working with for many years to create a modern L&D strategy. Our mission was to connect the strategy to the company goals and the use the modern learning needs & possibilities of their employees.

They already had an e-learning platform in use.

So we:

  • Developed a questionnaire on what learning needs existed, both for management as for employees.
  • Developed a blended learning concept based on regular learning interventions, as well as micro learning, video, learning in the job.
  • Worked with HR to organize a program aimed for manager, helping them transferring the responsibility to learn from the manager, to the employee.
  • Trained management on their new role
  • Coached individual managers in their new role

This new role where the employees themselves are responsible for their learning needs, strongly connects to the direction the company is heading. The goal was to help employees to be more proactive and work in self-steering teams. Teams and employees as a consequent are able to decide what they needed to learn to do the job even better.

Do you want to know more about how you can let your L&D strategy connect to how people learn today, contact us for an informal chat.



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