Leadership Resilience

Leadership Resilience

In today’s fast paced society, leaders must not only build new and different capabilities, but actively manage their capacity to exercise leadership. With continual changes and increasing demands, developing resilience both physically and mentally to handle complexity is no longer a luxury.

The true grits of resilience leaders is their ability to lead their teams through the most trying times.  Here are key behaviors that help leaders demonstrate their resiliency:

  • Communication

Some leaders often act individually and not inform others. The most resilient leaders are effective communicators. These leaders share their intentions and help others to understand a new strategy or direction. Effective communication helps others understand changes and expectations.

  • Coachable

Resilient leaders are humble and coachable. They are open to receiving and giving feedbacks. They also demonstrate a real effort and strong desire to improve their skills and abilities. Leadership coaching help leaders identify their unique strengths and weaknesses and help them to attain their goals and career aspirations.

  • Develop Others

Resilient leaders do not think just about themselves and their own development. They are concerned about the development of others they work with and help them to achieve their potential. Developing others helps everyone to learn from their mistakes and move forward.

  • Change Champion

Resilient leaders embrace change and encourage others to change. Changes take courage and vision and many leaders find it difficult to adapt. By building trust and being open to differences, leaders are able to lead others to support changes.

Nothing is more rewarding than coming out of a storm as a stronger leader with a team that generates synergy. Today, resilience at work is not just about dealing with the stresses and strains of the modern workplace. But a person’s capacity to respond to pressure and the demands of daily life.

Welcome the hard times with open arms and use them as a chance to grow and develop the resiliency you need to have as a successful leader.


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