Innovation Through Polarisation

Innovation Through Polarisation
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We can achieve competitive advantage by innovation. Innovation is born with the collision of ideas and experience. When diversity meets and values are shared, loads of original and creative solutions are born. But with diversity, we will likely experience extreme ideas of two opposing ends as a result of polarisation. How can we leverage on the extreme views to fuel innovation?


Just because others have a differing opinions it doesn’t mean we should ignore them. Always be ready to hear the noise outside of your own. We have to be honest and reflect if we think our idea is the best. And being honest is never an easy feat as we are very often our worst enemies. To achieve the best practice, self reflect on our ideas and be ready to accept ideas more innovative than our own.

Stay Inclusive

Staying inclusive creates the synergy that would bind diverse groups. If our idea is not the best and the differing view is, we should review our mindset and align with the best solution. If our solution is indeed the best, identify how can we influence the mindset of the opposing end to align with our solution. Differences should never lead to separation between people, instead it should become a platform with best practices.

Innovate and Be Innovated

Innovation can be an energy that pushes every individual forward in an organisation if we all allow it. It is not privileged to only one individual. Let yourself to be innovated by others and in turn you will inspire others to innovate. This multiplier effect feeds on the openness to innovation adoption.

At the end of the day, when individuals can bring to the table their own views and feel respected despite the differing ideas, your organisation will created a conducive environment that fuels innovation without polarisation.


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