How to handle perfectionism: a case study

How to handle perfectionism: a case study

Perfectionism is one of the most talked about struggles in our personal coaching. Many people have some form of perfectionism in their life. It can express itself in your work, but others might encounter it when cleaning their house or dressing up meticulous every day.

And for some reason people suffering from their own perfectionism often think it’s a positive personality trait. As with all pitfall’s they are connected to a strength. But don’t mistake, being precise or accurate is the strength connected to perfectionism.

A senior sales representative in her late 20’s working in the fashion industry was struggling with her perfectionism. Her work was highly depended on her colleagues and their efforts, which frustrated her immensely because she couldn’t deliver the quality work she aimed for. She asked us how to handle her stakeholders, but more importantly how to handle her own perfectionism.

So we:

  • Helped her get insights in why she was so frustrated by her colleagues, and what her role was in that. She knew deep down it was not their fault (alone), and the solution should be founded in her own way of working and communicating.
  • Investigated what she could do to handle her own perfectionism better and devised a plan how to incorporate that in to her daily life, step by step.
  • Focused on trusting her colleagues more to do their own tasks. In the past she assumed she could do better, so she never helped her stakeholders understand what she exactly needed. Her knowledge about the customer was essential for her stakeholders to support her better and become a better team.

This helped her swiftly to get much better communication and results working with her surroundings. The mutual understanding helped improving the results plus made it much easier to discuss what was needed, and where it needed adjustments.

After only two months she already noticed stress relieve in working with her team. She even started coaching her teammates herself who were struggling with the same issue.

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