How to fix your energy-levels: a case study

How to fix your energy-levels: a case study

Many people at one point at their life’s feel the burden of many fun things to do, and/or a hectic job, most of the time combined with a busy social life. Plus, social media brought even more pressure from the outside world to live up to a certain standard, and new technologies and stronger economies gave us endless possibilities. One of the results is that for decades now burnouts among all generations are on a rise. People find it difficult keeping all the balls in the air while maintaining their energy levels and stay healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and in your spiritual life. For more than 2 decades we help teams and individuals balancing their personal & business life and create or maintain a healthy work-life balance.

A longtime customer in the food industry of us contacted us regarding the financial manager who had been sick for 2 months due to stress related problems. She worked for the company for more than 7 years, but had a hectic year including a sudden promotion. She was struggling to find energy in her new role with a new manager and wanted guidance how to feel in control again.

So we:

  • Decided what kind of help she needed from me, and how it would fit her return in her current job and the buildup of working hours.
  • Did research on her core values and energy givers & takers. This gave her insight in what parts of her job is fitting and gave her energy, and what drained it.
  • Compared the outcome to her current role and had a confronting discussion on how fitting it was for her at the moment. It helped give her insight in what needed to change for her to keep working in the financial department, and what she needed from her manager.
  • Defined a strategy with 2 possible scenarios based on how her manager would react to her new role proposal.
  • Prepared her communication with her manager and evaluated afterwards.

The results in the end where even better than expected. Besides agreeing on a more fitting role, the relationship with the manager grew stronger with more understanding for each other. In her new role she felt much more appreciated and more in control. Her confidence grew considerably and made her return to work with a spring in her step.

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