How good are your persuasion skills?

How good are your persuasion skills?
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In all careers, people skills matter as much as technical skills. The sad thing is the most often, people are too focused on chasing hard skills such as being a subject matter expert. This has led to the neglect of soft skills such as etiquette, getting along with others, listening and engaging in casual conversations.

How are your soft skills? Do you need to upgrade them? What are you lacking? In doing this quiz, think about your recent behaviour and answer each question as truthfully you can.

Place a ‘tick’ next to the statement that you find best describes you

  1. I say thank you to the people I work with.
  2. During times of conflict I think about how to preserve the relationship and still get my needs met.
  3. While actively talking with someone, I have an answer ready before they finished speaking.
  4. When team agreement is needed, I figure out the best solution and will explain why I feel that way.
  5. I study peoples’ needs and decide what I will say and figure out the best way to say it
  6. I pay attention to other people’s body language.
  7. I make sure I display the same standards of behaviour that I expect from others.

If you find that most of these statements are applicable to you, great! You grasp the trade-offs involved in complex issues involving people. Keep working on them and set an example to the rest of your team!

If you find that you are lacking in these areas, worry not. It just shows how much more potential you have. Your relationships could use a boost. It is time to assess how you can work better with others in the workplace and develop a more collaborative understanding. Perhaps, you could check out our Influencing training here.


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