Great leaders never stop learning!

Great leaders never stop learning!
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We, human beings are creatures of habit. Always in search of a life that is predictable and within our comfort zone. We rely on routine and learned our own thinking patterns. Patterns that are automatic that we think that these habitual ways of thinking, learning and behaving to be beyond our control.

All leaders are driven to produce results and take calculated risks pushing beyond their comfort zones.  They see mistakes as opportunities to learn and are well aware of their strengths and weakness. Leaders of today seek out mentors or learns from other leaders and role models. They are constantly learning by observing others and building knowledge and life skills.

Here are some reasons why great leaders never stop learning:

1) They build knowledge and extract lessons from the experiences of others and themselves.

To shorten the learning curve, leaders often tapped into the knowledge, experience and skills of others. One way to accelerate development is by connecting and learning with others who have more experiences.

2) They set the example for how to lead.

In order to lead others better, leaders have to lead themselves better first. Leaders can develop themselves better and faster by engaging in learning, whether that is through books, events, courses or training programs. They are also the one to set the example for how others should be leading.

3)They embrace and are receptive to continuous change.

Reinvention in the 21stcentury challenges our ability to adjust our way of thinking and learning. Leaders must get comfortable and adaptable with living in a state of continuous change. Leaders that stay on top of their games do so by being able to learn by staying up to date and be receptive to society’s changes.

4) They take the time to reflect and can envision a better future.

Leaders take the time to reflect on past events and look ahead to future plans. One great thing about continuous learning is that leaders open themselves up to a variety of possibilities by engaging their imagination and creativity. With that, they are able to build the picture of a better future.

Continuous personal development and learning is a necessity for all leaders. Learning is something we should not avoid or distant ourselves. Because one thing is certain, is that the world is changing constantly and happening faster than ever before. The more we learn, the more we grow.

All leaders are learners. The moment you stop learning, you stop leading. I learn as much as I can, from as many as I can, as often as I can.” Rick Warren



Director – Digne Consult Asia Pacific

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