How to gain inner strength: a case study

How to gain inner strength: a case study

In this ever-busier world we need our inner strength to face new challenges. We want more, we do more, and we expect more. But how do you keep your inner strength? How do you make sure that our hectic life takes a run with us?

Inner strength will help us overcome challenges. It keeps us capable of reaching our goals and grow while we do it. But what is the secret to all this. Many people will have heard of mindfulness, other use yoga, sports or other forms. In this case study, we will look at different forms we encountered how people maintain, or even gain inner strength. Inner strength comes from different sources depending on what kind of person you are. We will discuss a few sources, and how we helped a specific coachee to gain inner strength from it.

  • Remain calm and patient
    We coached a consultant who was feeling he lost his strengths the last couple of months. He had a stressful period where he had to work long and hard. We helped him with a structure to find calm and relaxing moments in his day to day planning. We showed him a few techniques how to stay patient in stressful and demanding situations.
  • Stay active, take rest and enjoy yourself
    During a lifetime-employability program we spoke with a senior engineer who lost her joy in work. She experienced her life at that moment as purely about work, and didn’t get any joy out of it anymore. We coached her and helped put her work-life balance in perspective. The result was that we helped her find rest, regain her strength both mentally as emotionally. Within 4 months even her colleagues noticed her being more upbeat during the week. They were glad to have their normal joyfull colleague back.
  • Take time to focus
    A team-coordinator was swamped with tasks, and felt being overwhelmed by all the questions she got in her new role. Time management is one of the oldest topics of business-training and coaching. But it’s still as relevant as ever, or even more so in this digital age. We helped her with basic time management skills to regain control over her workload. With almost immediate results her inner strength was quickly recovered.


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