Flexibility in your career

Flexibility in your career

The job market has changed in the past decade at an unprecedented pace. New technologies, an increasingly highly educated workforce and ever-changing consumer demands have changed how we work today if we want to or not. And for the coming decades, robots, algorithms and machine learning promise yet another revolution on how we will work. 

How can we stay ahead, do you need a special skill to be able to find your place in all these changes?

Yes, it will all be about our own flexibility and manoeuvrability so we can keep our job and still do our best work. So how can you stay flexible, and make sure your ‘market value’ stays relevant during all these changes?


This week we’re going to give you our 4 best tips:

·     Make it a habit to re-evaluate your status quo every year. Other generations grew up with employment for life. Those days are long gone for most of us. It’s our own responsibility to make sure we are still the right person for the right job. Evaluate critically every year if that is still the case.

·      If not, take action. To be able to steer your career in new directions it’s important to keep learning. Employees are more often than not responsible for their own professionalisation. So, take that space and make sure you stay on top with the right skills and knowledge.

·      Stay fit, both physically, mentally and emotionally. If our health is draining, our capabilities to be flexible are the first to go. Make sure whatever your age is, to invest in your own personal health. 

·      Look for feedback. The lessons we sometimes don’t want to learn are the most valuable ones for our future. Take time to ask for feedback. 


When we coach professionals around the globe, we use these tips as our backbone in career-planning. We really want our coachees to be able to find their own path wherever that leads to. Using these four tips will help you as well to stay flexible in your own career. 



Senior Trainer – Consultant

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