Critical thinking: a case study

Critical thinking: a case study

We help a lot of professionals gain better critical thinking skills. Modern day professionals are expected to be more self-sufficient, independent and problem solvers. And critical thinking is one of the must search after qualities in key functions in most companies.


A financial software company with highly skilled consultants asked us to improve the critical thinking skills of these consultants. They were outsourced in big projects and expected to work as problem solvers in their field of expertise. Using their critical thinking skills was absolutely key to be able to solve the customers problems.

So we:

– Focused on enhancing 5 key skills to enhance their critical thinking; analytical, communication, open-mindedness, problem solving & creativity.

 – Improved the analytical skills of the consultants by training them in asking thoughtful questions, interpreted data & recognizing differences and similarities. 

–  Helped them being able to present the problems & solutions in an effective way with the customer and their teams. Conclusions are only as good as your surrounding understands them.

– Helped them understand that being able to find the best solution, creativity is necessary in spotting patterns and thinking outside the box. Imagination and conceptualization should be in their toolbox of essential skills. 

– Created a course how to keep an open mind and look without assumptions or judgements and merely analyse the information they received. This way they can be objective thinkers without being bias. 

– Coached them individually in becoming better problem solvers. They have to be decisive with attention to detail to be able to help the client.


The consultants were already the best of the best in their line of work. But using all that technical knowledge can only been done effectively with the right set of soft skills. Customers demand them to be critical thinkers and solve problems they didn’t know they had. Critical thinking helped the consultants to take that leading role and create value for their services. 

An annual customer survey showed improved satisfaction over previous years, and the consultants felt more appreciated. Want to know more about how to improve critical thinking skills, please contact us for an informal chat.



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