Celebrating the team

Celebrating the team

What better way to show our appreciation for our team than by celebrating their milestones! Milestones not just in term of the success they attain at work, celebrating personal milestones brings the team a step closer as well. Your team is after all human and will be motivated by a sense of achievement. This motivation can be felt by the power of celebration! So when was the last time you celebrated your team’s milestones?

Set clear goals for the team

As the manager, you should set clear goals for the team. Setting clear goals doesn’t mean that you should micromanage your team. Instead have 2-way discussions to effectively communicate what the goals are so that the team would also take accountability for the goals which you had set together. With the goals in clear vision and actions implemented, be ready to celebrate once the team reaches the milestone!

Mark the event in your calendar

Calendars are not meant to remind you only of your meetings but also dates that are meaningful to your team. Who is born in this month? On a monthly basis, you can arrange a nice cake for those born in the month. Or send Thank-You notes to the team members that are celebrating work anniversaries. Always remember that your team will go the extra mile not because they have to but only because they want to.

Showcase the success



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