Building a strong team: a case study

Building a strong team: a case study

Building a strong team is something of all ages and all places. We need strong teams to work together towards a common goal. It’s something that probably started when we were hunting for animals in groups. We learned that if we worked as a team the results would be better.

Nowadays the objectives are different, but a few major key factors are the same; communication, different & complementary skills, an agreed upon (leading) role. And we have different ways to create a strong team, and one is asking Digne Consult for help. 

City Hall of a middle-big city in Holland asked us to help create a strong team. City Hall had to merge with a neighboring city, which created multiple joined teams. They asked us to create a program to facilitate the process of creating a strong team.  

So we:

·     Setup a program of multiple interventions focused on gaining knowledge of the team members, self-knowledge and creating a set of rules and regulations for the teams they wanted to work with.

·     Planned a day & evening focused on getting to know each other. We used a personality test to set a ground layer of understanding and used business games to translate that knowledge to working together. The goal was to help them understand what you could expect from a certain personality type. 

·     At the end of that day we organized a walking diner and various quizzes in an informal setting to create a stronger more personal bond.

·     Joined team meetings of the various teams to evaluate the process so far. We used Tuckman’s stages of group forming to help them understand what steps in the process might occur, and what kind of guidance was needed during that process.

·     Coached various teams and managers during this process based on the specific goals and group forming stage of the team. 

After 6 months we evaluated both teams and managers on the progress they made. Both experienced much better communication, clear directions and mutual goals across all teams. 

If you want to know more about building a strong team, please contact us for an informal chat.



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