Assess your Mindfulness

Assess your Mindfulness

How mindful are you? How is your state of mind? How do you really feel about yourself?  

The concept of mindfulness is the ability to stay focused, being fully aware of your thoughts. It’s also being able to recognise and move past distractions as they arise. Becoming more conscious of our ‘state of mind’ helps us see our automatic reaction responses and negative thinking patterns and presents to us choices we may not have regard before.

“A human mind is a wandering mind, and a wandering mind is an unhappy mind,” Harvard psychologists, Killingsworth and Gilbert wrote. Fulfilling all of our desires does not equates to happiness. It’s the way how we interpret what we have encountered that determine our states of wellbeing or misery. 

Below is a list of questions that could help you gain some insights into what is going on internally for you. Notice automatic reaction responses and negative thinking patterns and keep track of how many questions you answered Yes or No. 


1.    Am I always rushing and feeling under pressure to do more?

2.    Do I become unreasonably angry or upset easily and have difficulty to keep calm?

3.    Do I have difficulty focusing on a task and really doing it well or am I jumping from one task to another Do I feel the lack of concentration and focus? Is my mind scattered in different directions at once?

4.    When I fail at something important, do I feel inadequacy and isolation? 

5.    Do I feel tension, strain or agitation? Do your body presents symptoms like stiff neck, tight shoulders, clenched jaw or tummy pains?

6.    Do I feel with a sense of anxiety, fatigue and exhaustion regularly when under stress and pressure?

7.    Am I open to new ideas and new ways of seeing things and doing things? Do I react to suggestions for change with defensiveness?

8.    Do I feel excited about my life? Have I lost my engagement and enthusiasm and my appetite for work?

9.    Am I having difficulties in my relationships?  Do I have a seemingly inevitable pattern of conflict and disharmony with my family and friends?

10.  Do I find myself with lesser time to do things that make me feel energised because there are so many pressures and obligations that needs to be taken care of?


If you have ‘YES’ to some of the questions, you are not alone. This is part and parcel of the human condition as we know it. Most of us face the same challenges daily. When our lives become more hectic, it’s easier to become overwhelmed and vulnerable to frustration, confusion and worry.

Maybe, now is the time to start by nurturing the fundamental of mindfulness – with BEING present in the moment. 



Director – Digne Consult Asia Pacific

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