Assess your flexibility

Assess your flexibility

How flexible are you? Are you able to create manoeuvrability when needed? Do you know when you have to be flexible?

Flexibility is the capability to adjust yourself when it’s really needed. It’s about being flexible in your priorities. Sometimes other more urgent things need your attention, and you have to shift your focus and leave other priorities for what they are. Being flexible doesn’t mean at all your chaotic, or unstructured. 

Employers are increasingly shifting from single roles to the rotation of roles and flexible job descriptions. It’s a sought-after skill as it indicates the employee can adapt to changing customer needs. It’s even tied to career growth as the person becomes better equipped. 

Below is a list of questions that could help you gain some insights into how flexible you are. Keep track of how many questions you answered Yes or No. 


1.     Am I depending too much on any one behavior?

2.     Have I considered alternate approaches to solving a problem?

3.     Am I open to trying new suggestions or strategies from others?

4.     Can I recognize when changes to my behavior are needed?

5.     How often do I stop to assess the success of my behavior in a situation?

6.     Do I encourage my employees to be flexible in times of change?

7.     Am I open for new trends?

8.     Am I flexible in my thoughts and views?

9.     Can I still listen to others?

10.  Do I still feel optimistic and grateful?


If you have ‘NO’ to some of the questions you could work on your flexibility at work. Even though not all employees like adapting to new changes and situations, the ability to do so when needed will give us growth and success. 



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