Modern Leadership: a case study

Modern Leadership: a case study

This week we learn a lot about the differences between managers and leaders; what defines the two and what are the different roles they fulfil in companies. One of the first leadership lessons learned at Dutch business schools is: “a good baker is not persé a good leader of a bakery”. It means something very different to be excellent at your job as a professional, instead to leading a group of professionals to do that job. But most bigger companies are structured in a way that professionals in the end are promote to a leading role, as a manager or in a different way.

A big international services company in Brussel had concluded that most of their managing force where excellent professionals who grew in their current manager roles. They felt they had a lack of true leaders, which they needed in a time where they experienced fast changing customer wishes. So, they asked us what they could do to find and/or create true leaders in their Brussel office.

So we:

  • Developed a new first line leadership course. With 360 feedback and a personality test we created awareness among the managers about their preferred management style.
  • Delivered a full leadership program for al first line managers based on essential leadership skills.
  • Together with HR we formed a ‘high potential’ list. These managers received executive coaching and a personalised development program to become the future leaders of the company.

During this 9 months program, 7 high potential managers followed an intense personalised program creating modern leaders. Now 12 months later all 7 where given new essential roles in the company ensuring a new style in leadership. Their assignment is to create a customer focussed, flexible company ready for new challenges ahead.

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