5 Qualities of Perfect Leadership

5 Qualities of Perfect Leadership
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What qualities does it takes to be the perfect leader? Many successful leaders struggle to bridge the gap between essential management skills and business acumen. The skills are there, but under utilised.

Understanding what it takes to be a perfect leader is not always a simple process.  Here are five common qualities most people would agree upon as fundamental to the role of a perfect leader:

  1. Motivates

    With expectation to motivate those around them and to increase performance, leaders are ready to jump on the bandwagon to try innovative ideas to influence and inspire those around them.

  2. Effective Communication

    A leader plays different roles to different people. When a decision needs to be made or a problem needs to be solved, you are the go to person. To the bosses, you are the one who needs to drive the business forward. To a successful leader, you need to communicate effectively with others, to understand and be understood.

  3. Problems Solver and Decisions Maker

    In both life and business, decision-making and problem-solving are key qualities. To solve a problem often requires a decision to be made. A good decision will usually be made once the problem has been solved.

  4. Strategic Thinking

    Leaders with great strategic thinking skill have the ability to create and articulate a clearly defined and focused business vision. They are skilled at both thinking with a strategic purpose as well as creating a visioning process. And they use them to complement each other.

  5. Adaptability to Change

    As business demand constant change,  it’s important that leaders who strive to be perfect embrace these changes and seek out creative ways of dealing with the accelerating speed of current modern business life.

Life and work are about progress, not just perfection. With the right amount of perfectionism, leaders creates high standards, optimism, a way to improve skills and knowledge needed to strive.  It’s when perfectionism creates a sense of “never good enough,” and negatively impacts work productivity that it becomes an issue.

Perfect leadership is all about balance.



Director – Digne Consult Asia Pacific

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