4 reasons why self-reflection is important

4 reasons why self-reflection is important
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As the year comes to an end, you probably have gone through your annual performance appraisal and have familiarised yourself to your goals of 2016. In preparation to your performance appraisal we hope you have analysed what went well in and what could you have done better in 2015. We say we hope, because we still see that many professionals forget to look properly in the mirror. Self-reflection is important! For instance self-reflection will help you to bridge the gap between your 2015 performance to realising next year’s goals. Here some more reasons that explain the reason self-reflection is important.

  1. Self-reflection helps you learn from mistakes

We all learn from our experiences, be it successes or mistakes. By critically examining these experiences and asking ourselves about their meanings, refine your thought processes by becoming aware of your personal “blind spots”. Through self-reflection, we undergo a process called ‘deep learning’ as we integrate our newfound experiences with our current knowledge. This broadens our mind-sets and allows us to become more effective and efficient.

  1. Self-reflection boosts motivation

Self-reflection is closely linked to making meaningful changes in our lives. Individually, the effects of these small changes are barely noticeable. However, their cumulative effect over time may be significant. Self-reflection is a powerful motivation booster as it allows us become aware of our achievements.

  1. Self-reflection increases emotional intelligence

Self-reflection enables you to look within yourself. In doing so, you become self-aware and recognise your emotions, strengths, weaknesses, values, and goals. After recognising your emotions, you learn to regulate and control your disruptive emotions which will affect others around you. Frequent self-reflections help you maintain composure during stressful times and enable you to become adept in the interpersonal communications of daily life.

  1. Self-reflection strengthens leadership

As a leader, you coach your team members in many aspects of their work, helping them to improve productivity and reach a higher potential. Similarly, self-reflection helps enhance your leadership-style and capacity by building confidence. Highly confident leaders communicate more effectively, make better decisions, and positively influence those around them. The more you reflect on your strengths and build upon them, the more confident you will become as an individual and a leader.

We hope these reasons appeal to you to do more of self-reflection. Self-reflection to get a clear perspective of your personal resolutions for 2016 or for creating clarity for on how to achieve your 2016 work KPI’s.

Enjoy looking into your mirror of life!



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