4 Ethical principles in business

4 Ethical principles in business
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Ethics play a huge role in modern businesses and can impact all aspects of doing business. Not only your customers expect you to act on ethical principles, it’s also about your reputation, public perception and employee productivity.

Research has shown that companies that work to build an ethical workplace are more financially successful. It creates a more motivated and productive work environment. 

Here are 4 ethical principles that can help you connect to the characteristics and values that most people associate with ethical behavior:

1.    Respect for others

Ethical people show respect for the human dignity, autonomy, rights, privacy and interest of all stakeholders. They treat all people with equal respect and dignity regardless of sex, race or national origin.

2.    Honesty

You should be honest and truthful in all your dealings while not deliberately mislead or deceive others by misrepresentations, overstatements, partial truths and selective omissions. 

3.    Accountability

You can acknowledge and accept your personal accountability for the ethical quality of your own decisions to themselves, your colleagues, the company and their communities. 

4.    Integrity

You show personal integrity by doing what you think is right even when there is great pressure to do otherwise. You are principled, upright and honorable and fight for what you believe in.  

Following ethical principles is important for many reasons and a major selling point for many customers nowadays. You can take the lead in creating a better culture, improving your brand or the companies and simply feel good that you’re doing something positive. 



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