3 emerging competencies of the future ready leaders

3 emerging competencies of the future ready leaders
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What skills, behaviours and characteristics do leaders need to future proof their career? With continuous and rapid changes in today’s society, leaders that are not afraid to take risks are necessary to lead their organization towards a sustainable competitive advantage. Trust, inclusiveness and established processes to commercialise ideas are some key aspects necessary for innovation to thrive. 

Here are three emerging competencies of the future ready leaders:

1. Rethink your leadership mode

In today’s organization, leaders lead more by influence than control. Thinking of possibilities instead of constraints. Future leaders focus on opportunities that enable them rather than the difficulties that dwell on them. They accept that change is inevitable and changing their mindset is a strength rather than a weakness.

2. Collaborative communicator

Leaders who naturally collaborate with others leverage on people’s strength to scale up the business rather than attempting to build their own capabilities. They see the importance of human networks. The network connects people as a team so they are able to operate with high standards, accountability and expertise.

3. Learning and development 

As we move beyond traditional management, talent mobility and development is critical to keeping up to date. Company-wide capability requires constant training in innovative thinking processes and frameworks to develop their people. Leaders and HR should work in hand to establish new processes for moving talent between roles and visibility into current skill gaps to create credibility and drive future value to the business.

As innovation demand constant changes, it’s important that leaders embrace changes and seek out creative ways of dealing with the needs of today’s business. Now, more than ever, new skills, capabilities, focus and foresight are needed to keep up with the accelerating speed of the current modern life.



Director – Digne Consult Asia Pacific



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