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Frank Kuijsters

I gladly give people insight on how they can take responsibilities for their own future by focusing positively on their opportunities and capabilities.

Peter Raar
senior consultant

I strongly believe that being present, caring and inspirational to others, will unlock their potential. By doing this, I aim to create more happiness and better performance.

Patsy Ang
marketing manager

I constantly explore new training possibilities. With my in-depth understanding of human behaviour, I believe that learning transcends beyond boundaries.

Roosmarijn Emmering
senior consultant

I am passionate about designing and implementing learning solutions to develop you and your organization based on high level assessment of performance needs.

Beth Nyman
senior consultant

I seek to transform and coach experts working with teams of people and individuals, helping you to differentiate yourself in the competitive market.

Frederique Spannenburg
senior consultant

I will support your leadership by establishing a strong sense of direction and help you to fully take charge of steering your organization and people to reach your goals.

Monica prabhu
senior consultant

I am passionate about stimulating you with technical prowess to develop business effectiveness skills, allowing you to remain relevant and thrive in the corporate world.

divinia fernandes esch
Senior consultant

I seek to engage learners in activities by providing you with opportunities to reflect, and ultimately put the results to work through practical application.

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