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Digne Consult
B.V. was first established in The Netherlands in 1995. In 2007, we opened our Singapore office, Digne Consult Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. We work with many partners, professionals and specialists in all industries.

Working together, sharing together and growing together is important to us!

We are motivated by creativity & innovation!

If you are interested to join us, call us now!

The Netherlands: +31 35 531 82 88 or email to info@digneconsult.com.

Singapore: +65 6220 5120 or email to info@digneconsult.com.sg.


Arthur Pop
Senior consultant - trainer

I like to put you in your power to increase your grip on your future by turning your obstructive beliefs into action. With humour, dedicated and in a creative way.

Ivo Boelens
Senior trainer - coach

I like to get you moving and encourage you to show personal leadership and take ownership. I do this with trust and respectful confrontation.

Caroline Hoitink
senior trainer - coach

I challenge you to recognize the truth so that you can grow. I respectfully stimulate you with humor to get in motion by focusing on both people and the set goal.

Wendy Vos
senior trainer - coach

Be who you are meant to be. I will put my finger on the sore spot in a friendly, cheerful way. Get insight into what is right and transform what you want differently.

Pien van thiel
Senior trainer - coach

I challenge you to change and think out of the box. I do this with humour and make use of your qualities and possibilities. Goal-oriented and efficient.

Karen Ponne
Senior trainer - coach

I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. I motivate you and create trust so that you will tackle and continue. Practical, personal, flexible and customized.

Myrna Everaars

Myrna Everaars
Senior trainer - coach

Be at your best. I challenge you to hold up a mirror that is necessary to move forward. I do this with a down-to-earth, curious and empathetic approach.

Dagmar Pronk
Senior consultant - trainer

Be clear and transparent. I will guide you professionally and with sincere commitment, despite challenging topics that need to be discussed.

Yvonne van den Berg
Senior consultant - trainer

To add value through your work, I help you gain clarity and improve the process through which you connect between what you think is important and what you do.


Do you enjoy a new collaboration? We are looking for different expertise. If you have extensive experience in training, coaching and consultancy, call us!

Jacqueline weesie
General DirectOR

To make your dreams come true, I gladly support you, both in your work and in your life. Connect with your passion and give meaning to your work/life with all your heart and soul.

Bouke Bouma

Build your life and work on your motives and what you find important. I am curious about your interpretation! I would like to support you to further optimise this.


Frank Kuijsters

I gladly give people insight on how they can take responsibilities for their own future by focusing positively on their opportunities and capabilities.

Patsy Ang
marketing manager

I constantly explore new training possibilities. With my in-depth understanding of human behaviour, I believe that learning transcends beyond boundaries.

Peter Raar
senior consultant

I strongly believe that being present, caring and inspirational to others, will unlock their potential. By doing this, I aim to create more happiness and better performance.

Roosmarijn Emmering
senior consultant

I am passionate about designing and implementing learning solutions to develop you and your organization based on high level assessment of performance needs.

Beth Nyman

I seek to transform and coach experts working with teams of people and individuals, helping you to differentiate yourself in the competitive market.

Frederique Spannenburg

I will support your leadership by establishing a strong sense of direction and help you to fully take charge of steering your organization and people to reach your goals.

Monica Prabhu

I am passionate about stimulating you with technical prowess to develop business effectiveness skills, allowing you to remain relevant and thrive in the corporate world.

divinia fernandes esch

I seek to engage learners in activities by providing you with opportunities to reflect, and ultimately put the results to work through practical application.