Would you like to learn & develop anytime and anywhere? Start now with online learning!

We offer various online training programs.
These programs can also be used to support a blended learning program in your organisation.

All online courses are based on Digne Consult’s Proficiency® concept and will take your way of working into consideration.

In our e-learning program we provide 5 skills that are essential for successful job execution:   E-learning.jpg

  • Online training 1:    Pro-active work attitude
  • Online training 2:    Workflow management
  • Online training 3:    Systematic planning
  • Online training 4:    Effective communication
  • Online training 5:    Result driven collaboration

Each online training program consists of 5 subjects.

Each subject offers basic and advanced knowledge. The advanced program focuses on flexible working in new office environments and provides tips and suggestions for managers.

The online courses are offered in a safe and reliable digital learning environment.

We also offer additionally personal coaching and/or e-coaching.

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After paying SG£ 35,– or € 25,– per online training on NL40FVLB0260300349 t.n.v. Digne Consult in the Netherlands and mentioning the online training(s) you want an access to, you receive a log in code.