Tips for a leader to create transformational engagement


In our previous blog we wrote about the 11 causes for disengaged employees, in this blog the 30 tips to create transformational engagement:

  1. Lead with conviction and deliver a compelling case for Business Change – avoiding vagueness, inconsistency or weak assertions – illustrate how employees are integral to success. Be clear about what the End State looks like.
  2. Set Up Teams/ Workshops to deliver Change – Explore Change objectives with the team. Provide information, resources and support as required. Set early quick wins and monitor progress.
  3. Create channels – to discuss positive and constructive negative aspects of Change to build confidence in new processes and ways of working.
  4. Adopt Champions – who can make some quick wins and build confidence – give them your support and all the resources they need.
  5. Empower Positive Thinking in your Organisation – promote initiative and creativity Shape the culture and systems for sharing and utilising resources and information
  6. Appoint Team Leaders who are inspiring, motivational and enthusiastic – they should be able to facilitate alternative/ innovative approaches to issues and tasks Make business performance information useable and accessible to all. Ensure all employees know how their efforts contribute and how this is measured.
  7. Maintain Focus on High Value Activities in Your Organisation
  8. Create direct links between senior management and front line employees – to be alert to changes in tempo
  9. Maintain a sense of urgency and expect ‘heads up’ warnings when programmes run off course
  10. Make every single member of staff a key component of success – ready to take control and ownership of their work effort and environment and not dependent upon instructions
  11. Create an environment of sustainable pace and energy; set targets and challenges that drive performance and reward high achievement but do not result in continuous over-utilisation
  12. Instil a ‘sleeves rolled up’ mentality throughout the organisation – to eliminate barriers and minimise hierarchy and provide proactive support
  13. Employee well-being is vital to maintaining a healthy and vibrant environment – consider offering access to subsidised sports facilities, health and dental insurance, and supporting wellness programmes
  14. Track talent – where are key people deployed/ how are they being utilised and challenged/ what is being done to progress development
  15. Demonstrate equality and diversity in selecting candidates for all appointments including Board level
  16. Celebrate success – and any major milestone achievements that have required significant effort
  17. Recognise people who contribute – say ‘Thank You’ in person or write a personal note
  18. Seek Ideas and Initiatives – from all levels – to improve working/ the environment/ for CSR programmes. Implement as many as possible – acknowledging / rewarding the originator
  19. Provide interaction opportunities between the senior leadership team and achievers – to reward efforts and initiative e.g. Leaders Lunches/ Breakfast Meetings/ Monthly Awards Meetings
  20. Reward loyalty and long service – to show appreciation of commitment and contribution
  21. Liberate Effective Working – recognise that everyone is not the same – some thrive on challenging work commitments/ others want uninterrupted free time with their families
  22. Facilitate a flexible working environment that recognises caring and family commitments
  23. Provide Cover – when staff take leave so that they can refresh and revitalise
  24. Engage with every part of the organisation to demonstrate commitment to all employees – build relationships to foster harmony, mutual respect and equality
  25. Inspire a sense of community, loyalty and pride – where everyone has a role to play and an opportunity to share in the rewards. Sponsor or encourage ‘out of hours’ social events and activities to generate strong bonding and team spirit.
  26. Foster a team environment during office hours, where working is challenging but fun and individuals are mutually supportive and helpful
  27. Ensure conflicts are resolved in an open and constructive manner by presenting issues in a neutral and dispassionate way
  28. Set exciting goals and hard deadlines for them to be achieved.
  29. Set expectations of Pace and Performance and investigate when teams go ‘off track’
  30. Where there are lessons to be learned – in difficult operating conditions, or through challenging times draw upon experienced team members to support and guide those on the front-line

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