Quiz: how balanced is your work-life?


Take a look at your calendar and understand what has it been filled with. Is it only filled with work meetings? Are you starting to forget birthdays or anniversaries? There are little tell-tale signs that you’re not balancing your work-life as well as you think and we’ll help you get to understand the status of your work-life balance with our quiz!

Which statements apply to your current work-life situation?

1.  I always have enough sleep (6-8 hours recommended) for the work day.

2.  I do not carry forward more than 20% of my annual leave to the next year.

3.  I have not been focused in my appointments or conversations with friends and family.

4.  I lose track of time at work.

5.  I plan my weekends for personal activities.

6.  I never say ‘no’ to any work meetings even when they don’t relate to my scope of work.

7.  I feel stressed with work and my family commitments.

8.  I have been missing deadlines.

9.  I don’t reached out to my phone and read my work messages first thing when I wake up.

10. I don’t skip meals and I eat at regular hours.


If you do not have ‘yes’ for 5 statements, you need to work on harder on your work-life life as it seems to be not in a good balance. You should check your schedules to understand how you have been using your time and where you should allocate more time to.

If you struck ‘yes’ for 5 statements, congratulations you’re doing a good job managing your personal and work life! Keep up the good judgement in your work-life balance but always remember to review your situation from time to time!


This quiz sets out to help you to check your balance pursuing your work and personal goals. Our work and personal time should be equally important in order to maintain a healthy balance!


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