Managing Polarisation


Polarisation can create energy and it can stimulate proactive behaviour. So, when a team isn’t so dynamic or innovative or result driven, the manager can start a team session with some strong statements. But some managers ignite polarisation unintentionally. They force their views on their team. Which creates followers, but also opponents who don’t want to be forced in their opinion.

Unintentional polarisation

When a manager is very strong in his believes and opinions, without knowing they can force their ways on the team. As mentioned, this will ignite opponents with different opinions, without you being aware. It’s very important that even when you have the strongest convictions about your own believes, you take he time to listen to others. What do they think is gonna happen, what are they afraid of, how can you help them in succeeding?

Polarization is not personal

It’s important to acknowledge that when polarisation happens, it’s about their opinions and beliefs. Not about the actual person itself. Often in heated discussions we’re tempted to get agitated with the person itself. Stay calm, keep listening and make sure that you make clear you are opponents, not enemies!

Innovation through polarisation

Diversity and inclusion creates sustainable innovation. Sometimes the pool of ideas can be so diverse that they repel others in opposite direction. In such circumstance, how do you achieve innovation and leave no man behind? You need to create an inclusive culture that gives respect to all ideas and influence the team to choose the most innovative idea. When every view is respected, this creates an open environment to respect other’s views. This enhances the success rate of influence as resistance becomes minimal.


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