Lead the Rhythm in Work-Life Balance


A manager sets the rhythm for the team. If the manager works the team at a dangerous speed, the risk the team derails is high. As the culture is mostly set from the top, the team will look to the manager for the lead. To have the team performing at optimal, the manager will need to consider instilling work-life balance in the team. Here’s how a manager can set out to take the lead in cultural transformation in work-life balance in a team.

Be authentic

You can start by genuinely wanting to understand how the team is balancing work and personal lives. Whoever said transformations are easy! The cause of the change needs to stay authentic throughout the process of the transformation. Showing the team how sincere you are about work-life balance will trigger valuable input that can even increase the efficiency at how work is currently performed.

Stay focused in the discussion

Take lead in the discussion with the team as the conversations may become burdened with complains. The manager should set the tone that the discussion needs to be productive with feasible solutions and not just about laying the cards on the table. As the discussions are about work and personal life balance, be ready to also show a personal side to optimise the conversations.

Lead by example

As a manager, are you balancing your work-life appropriately? It will be difficult to convince your team the importance of work-life balance if you email them at bedtime. You need to truly believe the benefits of work-life balance before others can be convinced. You should share with the team how you believe work produced efficiently allows more time for personal use. Discuss how you prioritise your work and personal obligations so that the team can have a gauge of your balance in priorities.


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