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Our minds hardly rest and constantly produce energy in the form of thoughts. And these thoughts often convert into actions. Positive energy attracts positive outcomes and negative energy produces outcomes that are not most welcomed. Very often we are not mindful of our thoughts and the actions. We may help people as it may come naturally while helping others establishes bonds and creates good energy. In reverse, we may hate what we do at work everyday and this often brings down our productivity and innovation at work. In order to create the outcome we want, let’s get to know what our energy is!

Positive energy

In general, it’s easy to identify what positive energy is as it brings along a flow of healthy emotional traits. Positive energy gives you happiness, excitement, satisfaction, pride, and most of all it effortlessly brings a smile to your face. Positive energy focuses on issues within your control. For instance, what you eat to maintain a healthy diet and how you exercise regularly to keep your body agile. Or what you choose to read to understand how to manage relationships, and courses you take to improve your skills and knowledge. All these choices within your control trigger positive energy which creates the endings you would like to have.

Negative energy

Negative energy drains your mind and body. It focuses mainly on issues you cannot influence or do not sync with your core values or beliefs. Very often you will find yourself tired from the negative energy and for some, it creates a very bleak vision of their lives. You may not have direct control of the negative circumstance you find yourself in but you can definitely indirect take control of the choice to walk away from it. Like how some born and raised in war-torn countries choose to escape their motherland in hope of a better future. If you feel that your education has not provided sufficient skills to excel in your work, you can upgrade your skills with continuous education and practices. Always remember you have control to convert negative energy into positive energy with the choices you make.


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