Incompany & Tailor made


From our consultation sessions with you, we develop tailor-made programs that integrate your organisation’s goals with the demand of your employees, teams and organisation.

We are experts in:

  • productivity (e.g. dealing with workpressure, work life – stress)
  • cultural differences
  • multi – generation issues
  • stress, vitality and sustainability
  • personal development and employability
  • team development
  • leadership
  • organisation changes (e.g. from traditional to flexible offices)

Our tailor-made programs can provide:

  • advice and consultancy
  • process management
  • workshops and training
  • coaching (on-to-one and team coaching)
  • e-learning
  • personality and culture tests (Insights, MBTI)
  • interviews with stakeholders
  • focus group sessions.

Our tailor made programs are flexible and will be adjusted based on new insights.

By default, you receive from us a tailor-made program evaluation report on our findings during the program and advice fot the future.

With our tailor-made program we contribute to your success!

Contact us today for an informal chat:

Team Singapore: Frank Kuijsters +65 9233 8072 or Marte van der Hoeven +65 8318 3306 

Team the Netherlands: Bouke Bouma +31 650 683 836 or Arthur Pop +31 651 33 84 63